How to Buy Wide Press on Nails for Men

Men can benefit from press on nails, either for the look of them or because they bite their nails. However, since men's nails are wider than women's are, men need special nails just for them. There are many places where you can buy press on nails for men.

Choose the kind of nails you want. There are pre-glued nails that have glue on the underside, stay in place for a little while and come off by soaking the nails in hot water. These are great if you only want your nails for a little while. There are also ones that you apply with glue-these nails stay in place for a while, but are difficult to remove. Finally, there are press on nails with double-sided tape. These nails tend to fall off easily, but are easy to remove.

Buy press on nails that are customized for you. Kiss provides custom nails that may work for your hands and nails.

Consider going shopping with someone who uses press-on nails to help you pick the ones that would be right for you.

Ask in drug stores if you can try them on to find out if you're purchasing ones in the correct sizes or ask what the return policy is. That way you can try on lots of different kinds to find if they fit your hands, but not be out a great deal of money. If you're buying from a website, email customer service and ask if they can send you a few samples so you find a brand of press on nails you like that fit on your hands.