How Long Should I Cook a Boneless Rib Roast?

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Dry Versus Moisture Cooking Methods

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Dry cooking methods require a heat source and very little if any liquid addition. A dry cooking method for a boneless rib roast would be roasting in a pan with the fat side up. Moisture cooking or cooking a boneless rib roast in a liquid base would not be necessary due to the tender nature of the cut of beef.

Marinades and Preparation

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Marinating a boneless rib roast is a good idea in order to produce a roast with grand flavor. Most recipes call for marinating for about eight hours prior to cooking.

Bottom Line

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A rib roast is the tenderest cut of beef; it comes from the center of the cow where the muscles receive very little if any exercise. The typical cooking time is dependent upon how well done you want your meat. Internal temperature should be your guide to wellness; 160 degrees Fahrenheit will yield a medium cooked boneless rib roast. A good rule is to cook a boneless rib roast at around 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes for every pound.