How Long Should Hair Be When You Get a Bikini Wax?

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Preparation Decreases Pain

Good preparation before getting a bikini wax can decrease pain levels during the hair removal process, and it will result in a better finish. Hair that is too long is often more painful to remove, because some hairs come into contact with the wax but do not necessarily get pulled out, which causes unnecessary pain. If the hair is too long when you go in for your appointment, the area may be trimmed; however, you can prevent this by making sure the hair is no longer than ½ inch.

Too Short Equals Uneven Finish

If your hair is too short, it may be hard or impossible to remove. Hair needs to be at least ¼ inch long to ensure the wax strip can get a good hold on the hair for successful removal. You should allow the hair to grow to at least ¼ inch; otherwise, not all of the hair will be removed, and the area will be patchy when it grows out.

Bottom Line

Waxing is a quick, long-lasting way for women to get rid of unwanted pubic hair; however, waxing also has a reputation for being painful. Decrease pain levels by making sure the hair is less than ½ inch but at least ¼ inch long, so it may be successfully removed.