How Do I Get Yankee Tickets Donated for a Gift Auction Fundraiser?

by Stormy Lee

A gift auction fundraiser receives donated items and auctions them off. The profit received from the auctioned off items is used to benefit the company or organization that is throwing the fundraiser. Because of the popularity of the New York Yankees, tickets to a Yankees game will be a highly sought item at a gift auction fundraiser. You can get Yankees tickets donated for a gift auction fundraiser by following the right steps.

Type information about the gift auction fundraiser on the company's letterhead that is directly related to the fundraiser. You will need to put the day and time of the fundraiser, how the money from the fundraiser will be used and why you would like Yankee tickets to be donated. Also include whether their donation will be acknowledged publicly in some form, such as in a newsletter or on the company's website.

Contact the Yankees at 718-293-4300 and ask to speak to the human resources person who handles ticket donations. Inform them that you are requesting their assistance in donating tickets for a gift auction fundraiser and that the team should be expecting a package from you with information about the fundraiser.

Place the letter and information that pertains to the fundraiser in a non-bendable envelope. Include information such as who the company that is holding the fundraiser helps as well as your business card.

Mail the envelope to the human resources contact. Be sure you put "Care Of" and then the human resources contact's name. You should mail the envelope to 161st St. and River Ave. Bronx, NY 10452 unless the human resources contact specified a different address. When mailing the envelope, choose the options "signature required" as well as "delivery confirmation" so that you will know when the envelope was received and who received it.

Follow up with the human resources contact by calling them two to three business days after the letter was delivered. Ask her if there is anything else she needs, and thank her for helping with the gift auction fundraiser.


  • Request tickets at least four to six week before the gift auction fundraiser so that there is an adequate amount of time for the tickets to be requested and received.


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