Home Remedy for Female Mustache Hair

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Many women suffer from an unsightly mustache. This problem is seldom discussed, due to its embarrassing nature, and most women simply chose to remove them, often in the comfort and privacy of their homes. Many home and salon remedies are available and the process is almost always quick and pain free.

Home options:

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Shaving is the easiest solution, though some feel it may cause the hair to grow faster and come back fuller than previously. Also, developing a stubble on the face after prolonged treatment may be an undesirable consequence of the practice. The hair may also begin to re-grow more quickly as one shaves on a more regular basis.

Bleaching is also a relatively easy and inexpensive solution to unwanted facial hair. Bleach may be purchased at your local drugstore and is quick and inexpensive. Depending on your complexion, however, bleached hair on the face may sometimes stand out more readily than naturally tinted hair.

Home waxing kits are a great solution for getting rid of unwanted facial hair. The kits may be purchased at drugstores or more high-end grooming stores and can range from anywhere from six to upwards of 30 dollars a box. Their contents are as varied as their price and may be anything from wax strips heated between the palms of your hands, tubs of wax hated in the microwave, or include electric warmers for melting the wax.

Make sure to apply the wax to a clean, non-oily surface, so that the wax adheres to the hair and doesn’t simply sit on top of an oily surface. Washing your face, and applying a small amount of talcum powder, helps to prepare your face for waxing.

To apply the wax, simply brush on the wax or strip in the direction of hair growth, rub it in one same direction and pull in the opposite direction. Do so quickly and swiftly to make sure all of the hair goes, and to avoid bumps. After finishing, use oil – olive oil from your kitchen will do- to remove excess wax from your face. Use tweezers to remove any hairs that failed to come off with the wax.

Various other topical solutions are also available in drugstores. Depilatory creams are a sort of cross between shaving and waxing. They melt the hair, and are on the whole painless and won’t leave a stubble. They are mildly caustic chemicals and are widely available. Since they sit on top the skin, the only hair that is removed is on top of the face and not below the skin, which may nevertheless be visible once the cream is removed.

Hair removal is inexpensive, quick and may be relatively pain free. But remember, regardless of the method that you chose, if you are applying any new chemicals to your body, it is recommended to do a patch test 24 to 48 hours in advance to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients of your chosen remedy.