How to Hold a Grudge

In an instance where you have been hurt, some will say that "turning the other cheek" represents the best approach. However, learning to hold a grudge can be more satisfying. Follow these steps to grudgedom.

Play the act repeatedly in your mind. Whether it is a harmful word or an action, if you replay it in your head you eventually will attain genuine grudge holding mode. When you actually try to let go of the pain and move on from the incident, it is more difficult to hold a grudge. Why make life hard?

Cling to bitterness. This is the key to holding a grudge. No matter who hurt you, retain the bitterness that you feel toward that person for having the audacity to be mean.

Retaliate. To really hold a grudge, don't just sit with your pain. The thought of revenge will emerge, and you should take advantage of your need to retaliate.

Tell your friends. When telling and retelling a story, it helps to relive the experience and share your pain with others. As your friends begin to take your side and support your grudge, you will find it easier to hold onto.

Take the easy route. Forgiveness is difficult. By holding fast to your grudge, you are obeying the words of that Zen sage who advised us to follow the path of least resistance.