Heart-Healthy Meatloaf Recipe


0:00 im sue Walker and I'm going to show you

0:03 a heart-healthy meatloaf recipe you will

0:05 need a large bowl measuring spoons

0:08 measuring cups cooking spray and four

0:12 and a half by nine inch loaf pan the

0:14 ingredients are one and a half pounds of

0:16 lean ground turkey breast one cup of

0:19 oatmeal one teaspoon of salt 1 eighth

0:22 teaspoon of pepper one-fourth cup of

0:24 chopped onion two egg whites one-fourth

0:27 cup of fat-free Italian dressing

0:29 one-fourth cup of ketchup one-fourth cup

0:32 of ground flaxseed and one-half cup of

0:35 water preheat the oven to 350 degrees

0:38 mix the ground turkey salt pepper onion

0:42 and flaxseed together then add the egg

0:45 whites Italian dressing ketchup water

0:48 and oatmeal mix well spray the loaf pan

0:53 with the cooking spray pour the meatloaf

0:57 mix into the pan and form it into a firm

1:00 loaf with your hands place the meat loaf

1:02 in the oven and bake for 1 hour and

1:05 that's a heart-healthy meatloaf recipe