Hairstyles for Mardi Gras Ball


0:05 hi I'm T Cooper I'm a New York City

0:08 makeup artist hairstylist and co-founder

0:10 of beauty and grooming company Metro

0:13 look today we're gonna talk about how to

0:15 do hair for the Mardi Gras Ball Mardi

0:17 Gras is all about having fun and having

0:19 a good time so the hair doesn't have to

0:21 be polished or anything it just needs to

0:23 be fun and effortless and crazy so as

0:27 you can see I've already teased my

0:29 models hair all throughout her head just

0:32 to create some texture and volume so the

0:34 next thing I'm gonna do since she

0:36 doesn't have bangs I want to do kind of

0:38 a side-swept bang I'm just gonna section

0:40 some hair out from over here and fake a

0:43 side swoop bang just comb it on

0:49 over it doesn't necessarily have to be

0:52 perfect but you just want to get it on

0:53 over there I'm gonna go in with a

0:57 smaller comb just to keep the hair

0:59 uniform BAM so now I'm gonna go in with

1:06 a big tooth comb a big wide tooth comb

1:08 with the tail on it it doesn't have to

1:11 be a perfect part either because this is

1:13 Mardi Gras and I'm just gonna section

1:15 the hair in half so I'm gonna take a

1:19 hair tie going with the side that has

1:22 the side swoop bang the fake side swoop

1:26 bang and put it in a high pony but I'm

1:32 gonna make sure to try to incorporate

1:33 this side swoop bangs so if you notice

1:35 it's not looking the way you want it to

1:37 look you can just go back in and shape

1:39 it and I'm gonna secure this with a band

1:52 go over as many times as you need to

1:54 till it feels nice and secure I'm just

1:56 gonna tug at this a little bit there we

2:01 go

2:01 then I'm gonna do the same thing at the

2:04 other side just want to get into a nice

2:09 high side pony this is awesome because

2:16 this will leave your hair out of your

2:18 face and you can just party and drink

2:21 and walk the streets of New Orleans nice

2:25 and carefree about having to worry about

2:29 your hair and it also looks really cool

2:32 after you have both of your ponytails

2:34 going just kind of like tussle it a

2:36 little bit cuz I just like to fill them

2:38 up or you can even go in with your large

2:41 wide toothed tail comb and backcomb them

2:46 do the same thing on this side it's kind

2:49 of back home it it's creating more wild

2:53 crazy volume going with our hairspray

2:56 and just finish the style off and now

3:04 you're ready for Mardi Gras I'm tee

3:06 Cooper

3:07 thank you so much for watching