How to Be a Good Live-in Boyfriend

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Living with the person you love allows you to spend a great deal of time together. No matter if you are about to take the leap or you seek ways to maintain your status as a good live-in boyfriend, it's important to consider the other person's needs and desires. When you are living with your significant other, your decisions and actions directly affect the person, so keep this is mind to ensure you maintain a strong relationship with the love of your life.

Step 1

Communicate with your significant other. Tell her about any major changes in plans, if you will be running especially late to a planned dinner or if you decide to hang out with your buddies instead of coming home and watching a movie with her. Use phones, email, text or tweets to inform her of any schedule change that pulls you away from home so she can plan accordingly. While she may wish you were with her, she will appreciate your effort to keep her informed.

Step 2

Do your part around the house. Mow the lawn, fix the squeaky door or change the light bulb that has been burned out for months. If you aren't living in a place that needs maintenance, help out and prepare a meal or clean the bathroom to give your significant other a break from these tedious but necessary chores.

Step 3

Agree upon your financial contribution and stick to it. Discuss splitting rent, utilities and food. Financial issues can be a source of contention among couples, so talking about these ahead of time is best. In addition, when your financial status improves as a result of the budgeting and saving you did together, your likelihood of future marriage increases, report researchers from Bowling Green State University in a 2005 issue of "Journal of Marriage and Family."

Step 4

Respect your shared space. Don't invite your guy friends over every single night for pizza and beer. If you want to have a "guy's night," talk to your partner about a convenient night and time to do so. In addition, pick up after yourself and do simple things like place your laundry in the hamper or make the bed on a daily basis.

Step 5

Surprise your significant other with a gift or date to keep your relationship exciting. Even though you are cohabiting doesn't mean you have to turn off the charm. Plan a romantic picnic at a local park or even on the floor of your home. Spread rose petals from the door to her bathtub and have a warm bubble bath ready when she arrives home from work.