Gifts for a Filipina Woman

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If you're searching for the ideal gift for a Filipina woman, there are some cultural aspects you need to consider. One of the primary considerations lies within the woman's residency; appropriate gifts may vary based on whether your Filipina friend still lives in her native land or whether she lives in the states as a Filipina-American. As far as actually giving the gift, however, there are no cultural-related specifications.

Name-Brand Items

If the Filipina you are buying a gift for still lives in the Philippines, give something with a recognizable name, such as Apple, DKNY or Calvin Klein. While these items are available in the Philippines, they are usually very expensive. If the person is interested in fashion, clothing is acceptable. IPods and digital equipment also work. However, avoid any scented products since some formulas designed for Americans and Europeans can cause a bad reaction in foreigners.

Filipino Food

If you're giving a gift for a Filipina who currently lives outside the Philippines, consider food that is specific to the country. It can provide a memory of home and come off as thoughtful, especially if the recipient of the gift is experiencing homesickness. Many larger cities offer Filipino food markets in the same way Asian or Spanish food markets exist. Popular Filipino food items include peanut adobo, banana chips and chicharon.

Warm Clothing

Many Filipinas who have recently moved to another country from the Philippines are not aware of how cold some winters can be, especially in the U.S. If the woman receiving the gift has relocated to an area with cold or mild winters, she may not be prepared since the Philippines is particularly warm all year-round. Stylish mittens, scarves, hats and sweaters are all appropriate gift items for a Filipina woman.

Rice Cooker

Rice is a major component of all Filipino meals, making a rice cooker a practical gift for a Filipina in any location. This gift can make the recipient's life a bit easier and is a relatively inexpensive option. Add on a recipe book for an extra touch.