Types of Asian Food


There are many types of Asian foods to suit the different palettes of those who like Asian food or would like to try something new. Many Asian dishes use ingredients you can find at your local grocery store. Some ingredients that are specific to a region or country may need to be special-ordered.


The Southwest style (India, Burma for example) of Asian food uses potent spices and different peppers. Curry is a staple ingredient, as is rice and beans.


For the Northeast region (China, Korea, Japan), the people use different oils and homemade sauces to cook food. Korea is known for grilling and sautéing, while China and Japan rely on the freshness and variety in mild spices to flavor a dish.


Vietnam, Cambodia and others in the Southeast area cook their food lightly. Stir-fry is very popular because it is quick to cook. People in the Southeast region use lots of citrus sauces and mild spices like basil and cilantro.


Sushi, which means vinegared rice, is often mistakenly hated because many people think it all contains raw fish. Rice is a staple of Sushi, but you can make rolls with just vegetables, meat or with just rice.


Between the different types of Asian foods rice is the most common ingredient. Sometimes rice is used as a side dish and sometimes as part of the main dish. Ginger and garlic are also ingredients you will find in many Asian dishes.