Funny Team Building Exercises

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Team-building exercises are important in various settings such as work, classes, organizations, sports teams, clubs and groups of friends, particularly in the beginning of the relationship when people do not know each other. The "getting-to-know-you" process can go a lot smoother after a team-building game. Funny team-building games and exercises can help break the ice even more. People tend to be a lot more relaxed after laughing.

Zoom & Re-Zoom

The books, "Zoom" and "Re-Zoom," by Istvan Banyai form the basis for this team-building exercise. Told by pictures placed in a specific sequence, the story may go from a ship, to a city, to a desert to outer space, for example. Divide everyone into groups of four or five. Give each person a picture. Each individual player can only look at their own picture. Each group must work as a team to figure out the order of the pictures by asking indirect questions about them without looking at anyone else's picture. The results can be hilarious.

Two Truths and a Lie

Everyone sits in a circle. Hand out a pen or pencil and a small piece of paper. Each player writes down three statements about herself. Two must be true and the third must be a lie. Each player takes turns reading his statements. After the player has read his statement, the rest of the group must vote on which one is the lie. After the group votes, the player reveals which statement was the lie.

Blanket Names

Spend a short amount of time introducing everyone in the group. Separate the players into two teams. Form a line. Each team chooses one player and does not reveal whom it chose. One person from each team volunteers to hold up a blanket between the two teams. The chosen players face the blanket directly. The players who are holding the blanket should drop the blanket. The first player to name correctly the person they are facing wins. The other player is out. Continue selecting players to represent each team and naming them until an entire team is out.