Fun Stuff to Cook Over a Fire

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One of the most enjoyable parts of camping with your children is making casual meals away from the kitchen. You and your kids can create tasty meals with unusual cooking methods. Hot dogs on a grill and eggs in a frying pan may be old hat, but cooking your food using a stick or a coffee can can be an entertaining way for your family to spend some time on your camping trip.

Pie Iron

A pie iron is a traditional campfire cooking tool with two hinged plates and handles attached. Place buttered bread on each plate and filling in the middle of one bread slice. Close the pie iron and place it over campfire coals, turning it occasionally until the bread is toasty brown. You end up with a pocket food, filled with your favorite flavors. Try scrambled egg and cheese; pepperoni, sauce and mozzarella; ham and Swiss; or pie filling and cinnamon.


Get a roll of heavy-duty foil and you have the tool for many fun campfire cooking projects. Wrap chicken breasts and vegetables drizzled with creamy dressing in foil packets and bake them in coals. Place a teaspoon of popcorn kernels and a teaspoon of oil inside a large, air-filled pouch. Hang the pouch at the end of a stick and shake it over the fire. Form foil into a bowl shape and heat soup or stew; bake biscuits on a flat piece of doubled foil over a grate.

Food on a Stick

A campfire and a stick may be the first method of cooking humans ever invented. Use caveman cooking methods for tasty treats such as bannock bread twisted around the end of the stick, shish kabobs with bits of meat and vegetables strung in a row and the family favorite, marshmallows, toasted over the coals at the end of the meal.

Coffee Can

Clean out a large coffee can to use on your camping trip, and you can use it for many different meals. Have the children layer bits of chicken, peppers, onions and potatoes in the bottom of the can, then top it with foil and set it in the coals to bake. Heat canned soup, stew or chili in the can and use it as an amusing serving bowl. Heat water in the coffee can and mix in cocoa powder or hot cider mix. Drop cored apples into the bottom of the can, top them with brown sugar and bits of butter and place them in the coals to bake for a warm dessert.

Food Inside Food

Surprise your children by cooking food inside of more food. Hollow out orange halves and bake scrambled eggs or muffins inside, placing them on foil near the coals. Remove most of the insides of an onion, leaving a thick outer shell, and use it to enclose meatloaf mix or chili. Wrap ground beef or turkey around slices of cheese and bacon for inside-out burgers. Scoop out one fourth of a banana, fill the open strip with marshmallows and chocolate chips and wrap the banana in foil to bake over campfire coals.