Free Gifts for Brides

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Planning a wedding is not only exhausting, it can be expensive! A variety of resources offer free gifts for brides which can come in handy when every penny counts toward planning your big day. These gifts often range from free services to luxuries geared toward pampering the bride-to-be.

Free Massages

Massage therapists that participate in programs such as Brides Across America, a program of retailers that honor military families through the donation of services, sometimes offer their services free of charge. These services typically include free body massages to military brides-to-be and to women who are engaged to active members of the military serving in Iraq, Quatar or Afghanistan. In order to qualify, recipients must be engaged and and planning a wedding or have participated in a civil ceremony in the last 18 months. Another service often included in the Brides Across America program is free wedding photography, which is donated through the services of professional photographers who participate in the program.

Free Makeovers

Another free gift that is often presented to brides-to-be is complementary makeovers that consist of the brides choice of hair style and make up. These gifts are typically donated by professional hair stylists and make up artists as a means of advertising their services in the hopes that the bride-to-be will select them to handle their beauty needs on the big day, although it is not required. Some hair salons and make-up artists will also provide the gift of free hair and make up services to brides with the customary understanding that the bride will allow their makeover pictures to be used for advertising purposes.

Free Dresses

One of the biggest free gifts a bride can receive is a free dress. In addition to free services such as massages and photography, some brides receive free dresses through the Brides Across America program. Through the program, brides-to-be who are or are engaged to active military members may select the dress of their wish as a thank you gift for the couple's military service. In addition to free wedding dresses, the groom is treated to the tux of his choice. As with all gifts distributed through Brides Across America, qualifying recipients must be engaged and planning a wedding to qualify.