Fourth of July DIY: T-Shirt Project

by Cindy Littlefield ; Updated September 28, 2017

Star-Spangled Tee

Cindy A. Littlefield/Demand Media


This Fourth of July, show your patriotic colors with a stellar tee created with star-shaped potato stamps. It’s the perfect design to wear to the holiday parade or barbecue.

Things You’ll Need

For this project, you'll need: a cotton t-shirt, newspaper, a potato, a paring knife, star-shaped fondant cutters, paper towels, red and blue fabric paints, paper plates, a small paintbrush, a piece of scrap fabric, and iron-on rhinestones and an iron (these are optional).

Carve the Potato Stamps

Slice the potato into thick hunks, one for each of the star-shaped fondant cutters. Press the cutters into the sliced potato surfaces, and use a paring knife to carve away the potato around them. Remove the cutters to reveal the potato stars. Blot the stamps dry with a paper towel.

Practice Stamping

Brush fabric paint on one of the potato stamps, then try it out by pressing the painted surface evenly and firmly onto a scrap piece of fabric. Lift the stamp straight up from the fabric. Experiment using less or more paint until you achieve a look you like.

Stamp Your Shirt

Insert newspaper inside the T-shirt to keep the paint from seeping through to the back. Now start printing stars, using the largest stamp first and then switching to the smaller ones to fill in between. If you want to stamp red and blue stars with the same size stamp, wipe off the first color with a damp paper towel. Then blot the stamp dry again before applying the second. Let the stamped stars dry completely.

Add Rhinestones

For a little added pizzazz, embellish one or more of the stars with iron-on rhinestones.

Show Off Your Shirt

Now your tee is ready to wear. When it’s time to launder it, refer to the instructions on the fabric paint bottles.

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