How to Forget Your Ex Girlfriend

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The emotions after a break up can be difficult for some people to overcome. You are reminded everywhere you go of your ex-girlfriend and can't get your mind off the times you had together. Your friends tell you to move on, but you can't find the strength to get out of your emotional quagmire. Learn how to forget your ex-girlfriend and open a new chapter in your life.

Take some time to grieve for your recent loss as break ups often need a certain amount of time to heal before trying to move on. Gather everything that reminds you of your ex-girlfriend and take a night and wallow in your own self pity and misery. Consider this a memorial service to your relationship.

Ask your friends to go out with you one night so you can have a good time and laugh to get your mind off of your recent break up. Make yourself look really sexy since it will help your self esteem to be more elevated and will draw more positive energy toward you.

Refrain from listening to any songs that you listened to with your girlfriend. Music is often very memory provoking and can be difficult to endure. Steer clear of any places you used to frequent at least until the sad phase of the mourning process is over.

Meet someone who you would consider to be a good rebound friend. It doesn't have to be a purely sexual relationship nor does it need to be purely platonic. However it should be someone you are attracted to so you can rebuild your confidence in relationships. Be wary of talking about your ex-girlfriend too much, since it is often a turn off but feel free to vent your feelings about your past relationship.

Find a girlfriend or someone to date with a complete opposite vibe than your last relationship. If you are used to dating blonds, find a brunette; if you like girls who are into chemistry, find someone who is very bad at math. You will change your energetic attraction by looking your opposite.

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  • Work out to get your mind off of your recent relationship woes. Exercise is good for releasing endorphins and improving energy which is crucial during a breakup.
  • Immerse yourself in your friendships or hobbies to find something different to channel your pent up energy into. It would be a great time to finish that short story you've been working on for 3 years.


  • Do not channel your energy into anonymous or strings of casual sex affairs unless you are sure you know who you are sleeping with.

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