Eye Exercises to Look Younger

Crow's feet, sagging eyelids and bags under the eyes. These are just a few of the afflictions that plague people as they age. Many believe a more youthful appearance can be attained with a combination of good skin care and facial exercises. There are several eye exercises that when practiced twice a day every day, are believed to strengthen the muscles around your eyes and make you look younger.

Under-Eye Bags

Sit down straight and close your eyes. While eyes are closed, lift your eyebrows, holding them in position for two seconds followed by weakening their position for two seconds. Then open your eyes widely and hold that position for two seconds. Repeat these motions one by one 10 times twice daily to reduce under-eye bags that can give you an aged appearance.

Sagging Eyelids

Gently place your index and middle fingers where the outside corner of your eye meets your eyebrows. Blink firmly while resisting the feeling of your eye muscles trying to move your fingers inward. Blink your eyes open and shut five times, then rest for one minute before repeating the exercise. Do this exercise twice daily every day to help remove years from your looks caused by sagging eyelids.

Eye Opener

Place your middle and index fingers next to the outside corners of your eyes where they meet your eyebrows. Open your eyes as wide as they will go without using your forehead. Repeating this exercise 20 times both in the morning and evening will work to give your eyes the appearance of being wider, which in turn gives them a more youthful look.