Elvis Party Games and Crafts for Children

An Elvis-themed party for children may seem difficult to plan, especially when the kids attending don't quite know who this King of Rock 'n Roll is. Educate them by giving them some activities to do, like playing games and making crafts. That way, at the end of the party, the kids will sway their hips and croon out ballads just like the King.

Elvis Crooners

Start the party off by playing all of Elvis's greatest tunes to the children. Pick as many Elvis songs as you have pairs in the group. For instance, if you have eight children, pick four Elvis songs. Write each song down on two slips of paper, and place them all in a bowl. Pass the bowl around to the players, and ask each person to select a paper and read it. If a child gets a song he doesn't know well, take him to another room and refresh his memory, ensuring none of the other kids hear. Gather all of the kids into one room, and on the count of three, tell them to hum the tune they picked from the bowl. As the players hum, they look for a person humming the same song. The first pair to correctly find each other wins the game.

Tissue Box Guitars

Let all of your young party guests play pretend as miniature Elvises by making their own tissue box guitars. Give each child a tissue box, and ask them to decorate the boxes any way they choose. While they do this, cut out enough guitar-neck shapes out of some cardboard, ensuring they stay proportional to the tissue box body. Draw the guitar frets onto the neck using permanent marker, and glue the neck to the back of the tissue box body. In a vertical line to the right of the tissue box hole, punch six holes. On the neck of the guitar, punch three holes on either side at the top as suggested by the First Palette website. Place paper fasteners within each hole. Wind six strings around the fasteners, connecting the strings from the neck to the body of the guitar. Make a strap for each guitar using a long piece of satin ribbon and attaching it from the tip of the neck to the end of the body.

Freeze Those Hips

Show the kids how to dance like Elvis by playing this game from the Party Games Etc. website. To begin, demonstrate to the children one of Elvis' typical dance poses. Turn on some of the King's music. The children begin to dance in whatever ways they choose until you turn the music off. At that point, the kids must all freeze in the Elvis pose you showed them. Ask them stay in their poses as you look around the room, trying to catch someone moving. Anyone caught moving gets eliminated from the game. Continue with several rounds until only one player--the winner--remains on the dance floor.