Easy to Prepare Low Carb Meals

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With the trend among many families moving toward low carb, you might be searching for low carb menu options that will appeal to everyone. Just because you're cutting the carbohydrates doesn't mean you should sacrifice big taste. Stay in line with low carb guidelines and serve easy to prepare meals that kids will enjoy too.


Don't overlook the obvious -- eggs. Eggs are kid-friendly and easy to prepare quickly. Scramble up some eggs with cheese, make an omelet or even whip up a frittata -- think oven omelet -- to serve something hot and low carb to the whole family. Inject new life into your standard egg dishes with a seasoning mix. Cruise down the cold cereal aisle at the grocery store and check out the low carb options. Many of the cold cereal names you've known for years now have low carb recipes that might appeal to both kids and adults.


Grab a low carb tortilla and fill it up with chicken or tuna salad. Another option is stuffing sliced roast beef or chicken breast, cheese, lettuce and salad dressing into tortillas. Use either the traditional mayonnaise and mustard or a creamy dressing to hold the wrap together. If your kids like chef's salads, create little mini salads for everyone using lettuce, deli meats, eggs, cheese and dressing. Slice some cucumbers, broccoli and green peppers and serve them with a side of creamy dip.


Whip up a protein shake made with milk, frozen berries, low carb protein powder and a few ice cubes. Serve cheese curds or string cheese, mixed nuts or celery sticks with peanut butter or a combination of cream cheese and seasoning mix slathered on top. Fresh strawberries, raspberries and plums are sweet and tasty without being high in carbohydrates.


Fire up the grill when you're keeping to a low carb meal plan. Rub salt and herbs, like oregano or thyme, over chicken breasts and grill them to perfection. Or, marinade them in a creamy dressing. If your kids like pasta, try making a low carb variation using spaghetti squash instead of noodles and topping it with sauce. Make meatloaf that tastes like the old-fashioned variety but substitute grated zucchini for the bread crumbs. The result will be just as tasty as regular meatloaf made with carb-loaded fillers. Serve these low carb options with side salad. Top the salad with cheese, hard-boiled eggs, bacon bits and a thick dressing.