How to Draw a Family Tree for Kids

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Show Your Family History With Creativity

Family tree projects are common in school, and they help you and your classmates get to know each other better. Your family tree shows how your family members are related to you and helps you learn about your family history. It may depict pictures of you, your siblings, parents and your grandparents. Your teacher probably gave you some general guidelines, but if not, get creative as you plan, draw and design your tree.

Plan Your Tree

Before you get started on your family tree, take some time to list all the family members you want to include. Remember brothers and sisters, including step-siblings or half-siblings. Then, think about your parents. You might have two parents, or you could have more if you are adopted or your parents have remarried and you have stepparents. List your grandparents for each parent. Ask your parents if you need help remembering everyone or you aren't sure who to include.

Draw Your Tree

Before you can put your family members on the tree, draw the tree. Draw it in pencil first so that you can erase mistakes or practice lines as you go. Once you’ve completed it, trace over your tree with marker or pen to make the lines bolder.

Begin by drawing an oval egg shape for the top portion of the tree. Then, go over the smooth line and make it bumpy. Draw two lines for the tree trunk, and add a few roots at the base if you like. Look at your drawing and erase anything that looks messy. It’s OK if it takes a few tries to get it just right.

Color in your tree with crayons, markers or gel pens. If it’s OK with your teacher, you might also use green tissue paper and glue for the leaves or even decorate it with a bit of green glitter glue. To make it look as if your tree has real leaves, try dipping your finger in finger paint or stamp ink and pressing it onto the tree repeatedly to create the texture of leaves. Give everything plenty of time to dry before you start adding family members to the tree.

Add Family Members

Print photos of each family member’s face, or draw them by hand on white paper and cut them out. If your teacher has asked for photos but you don’t have them for every person, ask your teacher if it’s OK to draw those family members by hand. Put a photo of you on the tree trunk with your siblings next to you. Paste your parents above your picture, including stepparents, foster parents or adoptive parents. Toward the top of the tree, paste pictures of your grandparents.

Finishing Touches

Once you have placed everyone on your family tree, finish off your project by adding some creative details. Create labels that tell who each person is and paste them below their picture. Remember to include any other information your teacher has asked for, such as birthdays or place of birth. Ask an adult for help in gathering those details if you don’t already know them. Finally, add any artistic touches you want to complete your tree. A bird or two in the leaves could be cute. Or, perhaps you might add a background with grass, a blue sky and a bright shining sun. Let your family tree show your personality and your family members, because it all helps to make you the very special kid you are.