How to Draw a Family Tree for Kids

by Marie Jones

A family tree is an organizational method used to format someone's family genealogy. Many children enjoy creating their family trees as a way to learn about their ancestors. For children who may not have met their grandparents or extended relatives, a family tree may give a sense of belonging and unity by organizing the names and life dates of each family member.

Make a list of all the family members you want to include in your family tree. You can include aunts, uncles and cousins, or you may prefer to include only parents and grandparents. Write down each person's name, birth date and if applicable, date of death. If you do not have someone's information, ask your parents to help you figure out dates of birth and maiden names. Looking through old address books, journals and photo albums may help you to find the information you need.

Write your name at the bottom of the family tree paper. Write your sibling's names next to yours. Write each person's date of birth beneath their name. Draw the beginning of a tree trunk around you and your siblings. Use dark brown crayons or markers to give the tree a realistic appearance.

Use colored markers or pens to write your parents' names above yours. Write your father's name on the left side of the tree and your mother's name on the right side. Use your mother's maiden name, rather than her married name. Add your parents' birth dates beneath their names. Draw an extension of the tree trunk around your parents' names and begin to create branches on either side of the trunk. Add leaves to the tree with green markers.

Write your mother's parents' names, dates of birth and dates of death (if applicable), above her name and slightly to the right. Your maternal grandparents' names should be in the tree branches, rather than in the trunk of the tree. Draw additional leaves and branches around their names.

Draw your father's parents' names above his and slightly to the left. Include their dates of birth and dates of death (if applicable). Draw in remaining parts of the tree around their names, including leaves and branches.

Write the names of aunts and uncles beneath your grandparents' names. Your aunts and uncles should branch out to either side of the tree. Write the names of their children beneath their names. Your cousins will be the lowest branches on the tree.

Use markers to color in the top of the tree. For additional personality, add a bird's nest or other feature to the tree.

Items you will need

  • Paper
  • Colored pencils, markers or crayons
  • List of relatives

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