How to Make a Family Tree With Ex Spouses

by Grace Williams

Family trees trace the geneaology of a family and offer a look at all those who came before you. A genogram, the graphical representation of a family tree, indicates family relationships using symbols. Children, for example, are linked to their parents using a vertical line descending from a horizontal line that connects the parents. Divorced and remarried couples have symbology of their own, as do couples that are annulled or separated.

Create the line indicating the marriage. Draw a square to represent the husband and a circle to represent the wife. Write the name, date of birth, and (if applicable) date of death of each person next to that person's symbol.

Create a connecting line that extends vertically for 1 inch below each shape before turning horizontally and meeting in the middle.

Draw two forward slashes through the horizontal connecting line, to indicate that the couple is divorced. Draw three forward slashes to indicate an annulment.

If one (or both) of the people remarried after the divorce, connect the new spouse by using a horizontal line connected to the open side of the original person's shape.

Items you will need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler