How Do I Apply in Renton for DSHS Food Stamps?

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Low-income families with children or individuals receiving Social Security benefits in the state of Washington may be eligible for food assistance through the Washington Department of Social and Health Services. Eligibility criteria include household size, income, expenses and citizenship status. Qualifying families and individuals receive monthly electronic benefits, which may be used to purchase food items at participating retailers. Residents of Renton, Washington, should contact the local office to request an application for assistance.

Visit the local DSHS office to obtain a copy of an Application for Benefits or call the office to request a copy through the mail.

500 SW 7th St., Suite B

Renton, WA 98057


Complete the application with all requested information. Provide personal information for all household members applying for benefits such as name, birth date, citizenship status and Social Security or alien number.

Select the services for which your household is applying, such as food assistance and Medicaid.

Opt to complete an interview by phone if circumstances such as childcare or transportation prevent an interview at the office. Provide a valid phone number where you can be reached at the time of interview.

List all resources available to the household, including cash on hand, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, property, vehicles, life insurance or retirement funds.

Report any income received within the household. If it is earned income, provide the amount of gross income received before taxes deductions and include contact information for the employer, wages and pay frequency. Unemployment, Social Security, retirement and child support payments must also be reported as income.

List household expenses such as rent or mortgage, property insurance and taxes, childcare, medical bills and child support. Certain expenses will be combined with reported income to determine eligibility for services and to calculate benefit amount.

Sign and date your application. You may also list an authorized representative who may obtain information about the case if you are unable to.

Mail the completed application to the local DSHS office. Enclose supporting documentation that verifies residency, citizenship, income and expenses. You will receive an interview appointment with a caseworker by mail, at which time you will have the opportunity to furnish any missing information or required documentation.