Dangerous Side Effects of Nail Salons

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Manicured nails are professional and sophisticated. They show that you take care of yourself and value the little details in your appearance. Many women visit nail salons for professional manicures, pedicures and acrylic nail sets. This is pampering and perfect for those who cannot paint their finger and toenails well. There are dangerous risks of nail salons that everyone should know about.


Getting pedicures at nail salons can carry risks. Because pedicures involve putting feet in whirlpool foot baths, bacteria easily flourish. If the bath screens are not cleaned properly, debris, dirt and bacteria build up and can cause skin conditions. The results of this can be significant, including treatment-resistant abscesses on the skin. Another dangerous side effects are boils on the skin. Both require a doctor's attention and even antibiotics.

Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is one of the common side effects of nail salons. Nail fungus is dangerous as it is a communicable disease. Once you develop fungus, it's difficult to remove. It can occur when acrylic nails are not applied well. Moisture gets underneath the nail and leads to fungus. Another reason that fungus is prevalent at nail salons is that the tools used may be unsanitary and not cleaned properly.

Nail Damage

Damage to the nails is a possible side effect of nail salons. When acrylic and gel nails are applied, drills are used to both rough up the natural nail and to smooth out the edges of the fake nails The cuticles are pushed down, and sometimes even cut during manicures and pedicures. If they are cut improperly, pain and bleeding can occur. Infections may also be a result.


Nail salons are a hot bed of chemicals. One chemical that is considered hazardous, and is banned by the EU, is DBP. It is especially harmful for pregnant women as it can potentially cause reproductive side effects. It is used in nail salons to prevent nail cracking. Toluene is a common ingredient in nail glue. Dangerous side effects include short-term memory loss and neurological conditions.

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