How to Cut a Girl Out of Your Life

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Whether you are breaking off a friendship gone awry or asking a jilted ex-lover to respect your privacy, you can tactfully cut a girl out of your life by giving her direct instructions, clearly stating your intentions and having the discipline to avoid unnecessarily contacting her. While you cannot be expect to predict her reaction to your request, how you handle yourself during and after cutting ties with a girl can determine the level of success you will have in keeping her out of your life.

Step 1

Be upfront with the girl you wish to cut out of your life and clearly state that you no longer wish to remain in contact with her.

Step 2

Cut every feasible tie to this girl that you can, including deleting her phone number, unfriending her on Facebook and blocking her Twitter feed. If you share mutual acquaintances or friends, you may not be able to cut ties completely. When faced with this situation, you must decide if or how you will approach her. Giving her a simple "Hello," then diverting your attention to another person or activity is an appropriate way to handle this scenario.

Step 3

Ask her to respect your wishes and not to contact you for any reason. If necessary, consider ignoring her calls or blocking her number.

Step 4

Do not contact her for any reason. While this may seem self-explanatory, continuing to call, text or flirt with this girl sends mixed signals, indicating that you may still be interested in maintaining a friendship or relationship with her.