Creative Class President Speech Ideas


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More than just a popularity contest, running for class president requires a candidate to connect with every student, regardless of their social status or clique. Winning over the student body with an effective, original and compelling class president speech could determine whether you get elected. A good speech will allow you to directly connect with your audience, while both informing the students of why you'd be a good president and entertaining them.

Campaign Promises

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In most schools, the class president's duties include organizing pep rallies, planning school dances and fund raising for class trips. Examine how these activities were received by the student body in past years. Identify what the students enjoy most about last year's prom and promise to bring those elements back to the dance this year, while pledging to change those things that the students did not enjoy. Outline some new pep rally activities that will help to generate more excitement about school spirit. Capture your audience's attention by informing students about what you will do for them that your opponent will not.


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If your school has a hated rival in sports, debate or other activities, play up that rivalry in your presidential speech. Attack your school's rival by making good-natured jokes at your rival's expense. Making fun of your rival's mascot, school colors, sport teams and campus could help engender support for you as a candidate. Tout how your school excels in comparison to your rival, and point out how your election to school president would further your school's dominance over its rival.

Class Clown

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Resist the urge to take your speech too seriously, and make yourself the butt of a few self-deprecating jokes. Let your audience know that you can take a joke by pointing out a few of your lesser moments. If you missed a game-winning shot, or dropped a sure touchdown pass in a game, mention those moments with a good-natured joke about how you could have done better. If you are involved in theater or band, make a joke about the ridiculous costumes or uniforms you have worn. A speech that laughs about these moments could help you to connect with students anxious over their own inadequacies.

School Spirit

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Write a speech that takes advantage of the student body's school spirit. Discuss all the things that make your school better than any other school in the district. If one of your school's sports teams just won state, bring up how much the victory meant to you and the student body. If the students have a favorite teacher, a person every student is excited by when they get a chance to take her class, mention that teacher by name and state how fortunate your school is to have her teaching there. Try winning over your audience by talking about how much the school means to you, and how, if elected, you will do everything you can to ensure it remains great.