How to Cope With a Vain Boyfriend

How to Cope With a Vain Boyfriend. Vanity can rear its ugly head in the strangest places. You think your boyfriend is handsome, funny and an all-around great guy, but you may feel like he thinks the same things, to the extreme. Confidence is good, but when your boyfriend is vain, it can be a bear to cope.

Step 1

Try to find the reasons behind his vain behavior. Your boyfriend may be trying to look confident and doing too good a job. Cope with this vain behavior by being vulnerable with him and letting him know that it is OK to be vulnerable with you.

Step 2

Compliment your vain boyfriend before he can compliment himself. Let him know that he doesn't have to preen in front of the mirror, because you think he is attractive no matter what.

Step 3

Spend some quality time with your vain boyfriend to see the real him. Getting closer and more comfortable with you may help you cope with his vanity by seeing a softer side.

Step 4

Joke with him. If the vanity becomes an annoyance, joke with him about being vain and he may see the error of his ways.

Step 5

Cope with a vain boyfriend by reinforcing your own self-confidence. Your reaction to his vanity may be due to your lack of self-assurance. Do things to help build your own self image and try to emulate some of his vain behavior without going overboard.

Step 6

Realize that most men have the male bravado built into them. Men feel as though they need to be in control and they may overcompensate for what they see as flaws with vanity. Cope with this aspect of the male behavior by stroking his ego and expressing love for what others may see as flaws.