How to Connect Emotionally With Women

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Connecting emotionally with women may be a difficult task for a man. He may have a woman in his life with whom he wishes to have a deeper connection, but simply does not know how to achieve it. He could feel distant, far away and just unseen by a woman he wishes to get to know more. If you want to have a deeper connection with a woman you cannot seem to become close to, there are some practical steps to help you achieve this goal of closeness.

Ask her questions and listen to her answers. Asking the woman you want to connect with emotionally questions about herself is a good way to become more intimate. Women generally want to be known by their partners, and if you ask her questions she will feel more understood and appreciated by you. You may ask her superficial things at first, but deeper questions are more significant and appropriate, such as her deepest fears, desires and dreams.

Initiate loving physical contact. Initiating physical contact that is loving, such as an unexpected hug or a stroke on the cheek, will help you connect emotionally with the woman you love. Physical contact can improve a relationship and cause two people to feel closer and stay in a relationship for a longer time. If you consistently initiate some sort of loving physical contact every day, your woman will feel more connected to you emotionally.

Make sure she's the only one you're focusing on. This is a very significant step to connecting with a woman emotionally. If you are thinking about another woman, even in a seemingly nonserious way, it is a very big deal to the woman you are committed to and will stop her from connecting with you emotionally. Be honest with yourself about any distractions you may have and decide to get rid of them immediately. After this, tell the woman you are in a relationship with about your change of heart and your desire to connect with her.

Share your deepest emotions with her. Sharing your own problems with a woman is a guaranteed way to connect with her emotionally. This is because sharing problems brings two people closer together. The vulnerability and trust involved is what makes confiding in one another such a valuable relationship building tool. Do not be afraid to cry in front of your woman, either; she will appreciate your open heart and honesty.