Christian Games for Seniors

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Seniors today, including Christian seniors, don't sit around in rocking chairs waiting for others to help them. Christian seniors offer the friendly faces you encounter as volunteers at hospitals, day care centers and charity drives. Christian seniors take time to enjoy life, fellowship with other seniors and reach out a helping hand to those in need. Christian seniors often enjoy games with they get together.

Hymn Lines

Before a Christian seniors event, list lines from well-known hymns and inspirational songs used by your congregation. Make sure the lines chosen don't mirror the title, but choose part of the first verse. An example: From “Have Thine Own Way, Lord,” use the second phrase “Thou art the potter, I am the clay.”

Have one person quote the line to those gathered. The person who responds must either state the correct or almost correct title or be able to sing or hum the melody line to prove the correct song has been named. The person who names the most correct songs is the winner.

This game can also be placed with teams. Depending on the number of Christian seniors participating, divide the seniors into groups small enough to confer with one another. When the line is read, the first person who raises his or her hand gets a chance to guess. One person speaks for the group, but the whole group can consult and agree before someone gives an answer. If the group answers correctly, the group receives a point. If they answer incorrectly, the other team(s) get a chance to answer. At the end of the game, the team providing the most correct answers wins.

Food Bank

Take 10 similar cans of food. After carefully noting the contents of each can, remove the each can's label and replace it with a number corresponding to the actual contents. Line the numbered cans on the table. Place a decorated box or basket at the end of the table. Label the box or basket “Food Bank Items.”

Let the Christian seniors know ahead of time to bring non-perishable food items. Each donation gives the person who donated one chance to see, touch or shake the cans before guessing the contents of each. Those who make donations receive a paper with 10 numbers listed and a place to write their name. The seniors write down guesses for the contents of each can. They keep their guesses until the contents of the cans are revealed. Provide a small prize or coupon for the person with the most correct guesses.

Pit women against men as a variation on this game.


Fill a basket with slips of paper containing familiar Bible passages such as John 3:16, Psalm 23, and Proverbs 3:5-6.

Give each of the seniors one of the slips as soon as they arrive to provide time for them to consider their responses. Ask the seniors to read their Biblical passages aloud and share a time when that verse made a difference in their lives either to comfort, challenge, encourage or bring hope.

If the gathering is a couple's event, give one Biblical passage to each couple and have them describe a time the passage inspired them as a couple.