How to Choose a Good Wife

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The bible puts it clear, 'he that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing' and I %100 agree with that. But who is a wife, a good wife to that because the dictionary will tell you that once a woman marry a man she is now a wife. But I believe that a wife is one who will stand by her husband always, who takes care of her family and home, one who loves inspite of and the list goes on. As the saying goes, behind every great man, is a good woman. Here is how you can choose a good wife.

First before you can choose a wife you first got to have an idea of what kind a woman you are looking to settle down with.

After you have the basic idea of what you are looking for in a wife (woman) you can now move on to other things. One of the things you should look for is, does she have a good upbringing? Before you go ahead and propose to a woman you should an idea of her upbringing and ask your self if you are okay with it. If not then it don't make any sense you marry that person.

Is she ambitious? One of the worst thing, I believe, is to have someone who relies totally on you for everything, who do not share the same values as you when it comes on to suceess.

When choosing a wife you should also look for someone who shares the same beliefs, meaning where does she stand with God? (Assuming you are a strong believer in God) and interest as you.

Is she trustworthy? If you can't trust her one hundred percent (%100), you should not marry that person, it will only bring you lots of heartache. One way you can know if you can trust her is talking to others who know her well enough to make a good assessment and won't be bias.

Are you attracted to her and is she attracted to you? I believe its impossible to live happy with someone who you are not attracted to and she is not attracted to you.

Is she someone who others can easily 'walk over'? She should be a strong woman, one who will stand her ground and can still keep calm.

Also when you are choosing a wife, choose someone who you can talk to and love talking to. She should be able to hold a good conversation

Is she honest? Honesty should be present in a relationship if its going to work, especially in a marriage.

She should be one who you can be your self around, even infront of your friends.

She should be faithful to you and to her self.

Is she mature enough to take on the responsibilities of a wife?