Can You Use Soda to Replace Oil in a Cake Mix?

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Your typical box of cake mix calls for oil, water and eggs. While these are often staple ingredients in the kitchen, you may discover your bottle of oil is running on empty and you need a cake baked before your guests arrive. If this is the case, that can of soda sitting on the counter, along with your box of cake mix, is all you need to create a tasty dessert. Using soda to replace the other wet ingredients allows you to get creative with flavor combinations.

A Soda Pop Cake

Whether you are looking to reduce fat or you simply ran out of oil, a can of soda can solve either baking dilemma. In addition to replacing the oil, soda also replaces the eggs and water. Simply choose your favorite cake mix and mix it together with a 12-ounce can of soda. Bake the cake as directed, but check for doneness a few minutes sooner than the box calls for. The reduction of fat can reduce the cooking time.

Colors and Flavors

A good rule of thumb is to mix clear soda with white and yellow cakes, and darker sodas with chocolate. A cherry cola complements chocolate cake, while orange soda gives a hint of orange flavor and color to a white cake. The addition of soda may add to the sweetness of the finished cake. Experiment to find the flavor combinations that you enjoy.