How Can I Tell If My Girlfriend Will Cheat On Me?

by M. Skylar Ezell

Being cheated on is a traumatic experience for women as well as men. Having your trust in a romantic relationship be violated is difficult. While there are signs women can look out for to see if their boyfriend is at risk of cheating, there are also steps men can take to determine whether their girlfriend is on the verge of infidelity. With careful consideration, observation, patience and communication, a man can get a general understanding as to whether his girlfriend will cheat on him.

Consider whether your girlfriend has strayed from you before. If you have confirmed that she has committed infidelity during a previous stage in your relationship, then that may be a sign that she can do it again. Be careful though, just because she may have cheated in the past doesn't necessarily mean she will cheat on you again. However, it is an indicator of her possible behavior patterns in the context of your relationship.

Determine whether your girlfriend is withholding information from you that was once part of your daily conversation. Did she used to tell you about the events of her day? Has she normally kept you abreast of all the happenings at her job or school or with her friends? If your girlfriend has suddenly stopped being open about her daily activities, then she may be on the verge of cheating, if she has not already.

Take note of any lack of emotion from her towards you. For example, if there are things that used to make her angry about you that no longer get under her skin, she may no longer care about you or the relationship. Being apathetic towards your partner is a sure sign of trouble in a relationship and can lead to cheating in an effort to find that emotional fulfillment she is no longer receiving from you.

Take stock of your own behavior in the relationship. If you cheated on your girlfriend in the past, she may be looking to even the score. This can be true if you stepped out of the relationship multiple times. Your girlfriend may have previously forgiven you for your lapses in judgment, but those days may be over. If you have a lot of dirty laundry in your closet, then she may be looking to step out on you and your relationship.

Talk to your girlfriend. Try to find out from her what may be wrong in your relationship and if she is thinking about cheating. If there is a problem, discussing it together can be more beneficial for the relationship than you trying to figure things out on your own. Also, the issues you both are confronting may actually be rooted in an outside cause. For example, your girlfriend may be acting despondent because she is unhappy at her job or is having money problems and may not even be considering cheating.


  • Communicate with your girlfriend. Do not automatically assume that just because she is acting different or that the relationship has changed that she is at risk of infidelity. These are signs of possible trouble, but are not concrete evidence of an outside dalliance.


  • Do not openly accuse your girlfriend of infidelity until you have infallible evidence to justify your claim. Otherwise you risk driving a wedge in your relationship, or possibly causing its demise.

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