Can Fresh Clams Be Frozen?

by Alexander Kurnellas

Freshly harvested clams are too expensive to go bad.

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Clams are expensive and only have shelf life of about two days after purchase when stored in a dark area with proper ventilation at 32 to 45 degrees F. You can store clams for longer by freezing them before they go bad.

In the Shell or Shucked?

Clams can be frozen either way, however the meats alone will become softer after thawing. When freezing clams in the shell, scrub the clams under cold water prior to the freezing process to remove any dirt.

Freezing Clams

Place into a freezer bag or plastic container with a lid along with their own liquor or water. Remove as much air as possible to prevent freezer burn. Place into a freezer at 32 degrees F or less. Freeze clams as quickly as possible to reduce tissue damage.

Thawing Frozen Clams

Remove the amount of clams being used because you cannot refreeze clams. Thaw frozen clams meats in a refrigerator for a 24 hours. Open frozen clam shells by holding them under warm water.

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