Breakfasts Full of Fiber and Protein

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Although eating breakfast is an important way to start the day, it's also important to eat the right breakfast. A meal rich in protein helps provide energy for impending physical and mental activities, while high-fiber helps keep you full and scrubs your insides clean. Whether in school or at work, the balanced breakfast keeps your family going strong until lunch.

Egg Raft

A single egg and a piece of whole wheat bread is a balanced start to a fiber and protein rich breakfast. Fry the egg using non-stick spray and place it on a piece of wheat toast. If you have a little time, you can also scramble or poach the egg. Place the toast raft on a plate and surround it with fresh blueberries to create the appearance of water. Tell your little ones that the meal is a special egg raft breakfast to sail them through the day.

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast burritos are a handy way to roll-up a healthy breakfast into a portable and mess-free meal. Add diced low-fat turkey lunch meat and low-fat cheddar cheese to eggs scrambled with a tablespoon of ranch dressing. Pour the protein-rich mixture down the middle of a whole wheat tortilla. Wrap the tortilla burrito-style and fold a paper towel around the meal to prevent crumbs. Add salsa to spice up the burrito or light honey mustard dressing for a sweet taste.

Granola Parfait

A granola parfait is a quick and healthy breakfast that looks like a dessert, which makes it all the more appealing to kids. Select a low-fat yogurt for the protein and a low-sugar granola for the fiber. Avoid sugary granolas that contain chocolate chips or other "snack food" inappropriate for breakfast. Layer the yogurt and granola in a clear glass and top with a blueberry. You can also add diced fruit to the parfait.

Fruit Smoothie

A fruit filled smoothie is an ideal breakfast when your family needs to run out the door. Use fruit and oatmeal to provide fiber and milk or nut products to provide protein. Blend banana, blueberries, oatmeal, ice, vanilla yogurt and low-fat milk for a tasty morning shake. Combine strawberries, oatmeal, ice, raspberry yogurt and peach juice for an extra rich drink. Mix banana, oatmeal, ice, peanut butter and apple juice for a "PB&J sandwich" flavor.


Cereal can be a healthy and easy breakfast option, as long as you stick with high-fiber cereals and stay away from the junk. Add low-fat milk and sliced bananas, strawberries or apples to the cereal to turn it into a well-rounded breakfast. Heat the milk-covered cereal in the microwave to turn a plain breakfast into a warming meal for a cold morning.