Breakfast Fruit Shakes

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In many households, mornings are the busiest time of the day; as a result, there may not be time to prepare a healthy, balanced breakfast that provides the right balance of carbohydrates and protein that will supply your body with the fuel it needs. A quick, easy way to ensure you're meeting your family's nutritional needs is to prepare wholesome fruit-based breakfast shakes or smoothies.

Benefits of Breakfast Shakes

Fruit that is blended together in a breakfast shake will provide your body with vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes. In addition to the convenience of breakfast shakes, blending fruit causes the plant fibers to be broken down, so the blender actually does the chewing for you. This actually makes the fiber in these fruits easier to digest, which has the added benefit of allowing your body to absorb more of the nutrients. The fiber you ingest will work to improve your overall digestion and provide a feeling of satiation, which can prevent overeating or between-meals snacking.

Super-Charged Shake

Any breakfast shake can be "super-charged" with the addition of camu camu powder, derived from the "superfood" camu camu. Camu camu contains more than 60 times more vitamin C than the average orange. For a tasty breakfast treat kids will love, simply combine orange juice, water and camu camu powder in a blender. Add some fresh mango, strawberries and a banana. The resulting shake delivers a delicious blend of nutrients, and a healthy dose of vitamin C that will build your child's immune system.

Breakfast Shakes and Weight Loss

Research suggests that having a shake or smoothie for breakfast can actually aid weight loss by reducing your urge to eat. A homemade fruit shake containing fiber from fruits, soy or whey protein and essential fats from yogurt will leave you feeling full for hours after consumption. A study undertaken by the New York Obesity Research Center found that those who had a soy-based shake for breakfast lost three times more weight than people who ingested the same number of calories through regular food.

Add Some Protein

After "breaking the fast" with your morning meal, your body requires protein to fuel your brain's neurotransmitters. A quick, easy way to accomplish this when making a breakfast shake is to add some protein powder, readily available in most health food stores. Many of these protein powders are derived from whey and soy, and there are various varieties from which to choose. Add protein to your breakfast shakes, and you and your family are guaranteed to have the necessary nutrients to start off the day healthfully.