The Best Breakfast for the Brain

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Right after you turn off the alarm clock and head to the kitchen, you make one of the most important decisions of the day: What to serve your family for breakfast. Although a range of breakfasts helps boost brain power, certain foods offer a maximum amount of brain-boosting benefits for the whole family.


Eggs are versatile and protein-rich powerhouses. Scrambled eggs are simple to make and taste delicious in a whole wheat tortilla wrap or pita pocket. Alternatively, serve scrambled eggs over a slice of whole grain toast. For flavor, add a few tomato slices or a tablespoon of creamy ranch dressing. For even more protein, cook up an egg white omelet with veggies and lean meats such as turkey. Kids and adults alike will stay more focused after a protein-filled breakfast.


Sugary cereals or pastries lead to low energy later in the day. For sustained mental focus and brain power, choose whole grain cereals instead. Even picky eaters will enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a whole wheat bagel, mixing nuttiness and tart sweetness. Or spread peanut butter and apple slices on a thick slice of multi-grain toast. Oatmeal will easily sustain brain power until lunchtime, and tastes delicious with a little honey or fresh berries.


With calcium and protein, many dairy products complement a brain-friendly breakfast. Make low-fat yogurt more appealing to kids by adding in slices of fun fruits, such as papaya or kiwi. Toss yogurt, bananas and ice together in the blender for a quick on-the-go smoothie. Or stir organic granola and slivered almonds into yogurt for a tasty blend of crunchy and creamy. Pour a big glass of milk to go along with an otherwise dairy-free breakfast. Melt low-fat cheese on toast for a savory breakfast.


Fruits provide sweetness while balancing out a brain-boosting mix of nutrients. Serve a whole piece of fruit, such as a grapefruit or apple, alongside other breakfast items. If you're in a hurry, bananas are one of the most portable fruits; it also provides a healthy supply of potassium. Slice up bananas, apples or pears and mix with raw honey as toppings for whole grain waffles. Muesli is a fruit-packed cereal that can be made with walnuts, rolled oats and a combination of dried and fresh fruits, blended together with honey or fruit juice.