Black Light Party Games

Hosting black light parties is becoming an electrifying party trend. Guests of all ages can enjoy partying in the dark under the glimmer of multicolored black lights. Ask guests to wear white and neon colors to stand out under the black lights. Tie the theme together with active party games that will keep your guests moving and grooving all night long.

Freeze Dance

Boogie on down with a game of black light freeze dance. Guests cover themselves in black light-sensitive clothing and accessories to stand out during the dance. Guests can draw on white clothing with highlighters and wear neon jewelry. Guests must hold two glow sticks in their hands and all times. The DJ starts the music and everyone dances, twirling their glow sticks. When the music stops, everyone must freeze. If someone doesn't freeze or falls out of their freeze, the DJ asks that guest to leave the dance floor. The game continues in this fashion until all but one guest has been eliminated. The last dancer on the floor wins the game.

Party String War

Take no prisoners with a black light party string war. Split guests into two even-numbered teams. If there is an even distribution of males and females, make the game a battle of the sexes. Give each team member a can of black light party string, which you can buy at most party stores. Have team one meet outside to form its attack plan while team two hides inside. When both teams are ready, team one sneaks inside and the combat begins. The goal is to "kill" as many opposing team members as possible by spraying them in the chest with party string. When someone is shot in the chest with party string, they are "dead" and must exit the game. If someone is shot anywhere else, they can continue to play. The team with the last member or members standing wins.


Put a twist on traditional Twister with a black light-painted game mat. Use black light-sensitive neon paint to create four different colored rows of six circles each on a white tablecloth. Make circles about one foot in diameter and place circles an even distance apart from each other. Let the mat dry overnight. Then use the traditional Twister game board or draw your own.

Play Twister with two to four barefoot players. Every game also needs a referee to spin the game board, call out the directions and judge the game. Each player should start with two feet on two circles on the outer edge of the mat. The referee spins and calls out the direction that the spinner lands on such as "right hand, red." Every player then follows the directions, putting their right hand on a free red circle. No two players can use the same circle. After every player has successfully placed the correct body part on the appropriate circle, the referee spins again and the game continues. A player cannot move his hands or feet from the circles until a new color has been called for that body part. For example, the right hand remains on the red circle until the referee calls a new color for right hand. If a player's elbow or knee touches the mat, they lose and must exit the game. The last person remaining on the mat wins the game.