How to Avoid Marrying the Wrong Person

Each year, thousands of people tie the knot with dreams of living happily-ever-after. Unfortunately, many dreams are short-lived, and one-in-two marriages end in divorce. Why? In most cases, these people marry the wrong person. Here are a few tips to help you avoid marrying the wrong guy or girl.

Accept the person. With most relationships, "what you see is what you get." In other words, if the person has annoying habits now, they'll likely take those annoying habits into the marriage. Many couples make the mistake of thinking that their future spouse will change for the better. Before tying the knot, make sure that you're able to live with their personality and irritating habits.

Share common goals. For a marriage to work, both parties have to share common goals. It is okay to have different likes and dislikes. However, couples ought to agree on major factors such as kids, money and career. Couples who do not share the same goals will find themselves drifting in different directions.

Know the person inside-and-outside. In some instances, a person will marry someone who is excessively controlling, jealous and insecure. In turn, the marriage becomes a nightmare for both persons. While dating, look for tell-tale signs of a undesirable personality trait. Most people display these signs throughout the courtship. However, it's your responsibility to recognize the signs and decide whether you can live with them.

Look beyond physical beauty. The most beautiful or attractive guy or girl may also be the most crazy guy or girl. Rather than pick a mate based on physical features, get to know the person. Are they mentally stable? Do they have a negative attitude? Are they cocky?

Heal from past relationship. After ending a long-term relationship, some people immediately jump into a new relationship and rush to the altar. Re-bound relationships can help get your mind off an ex. However, rather than allow time to pass, some people are afraid to be alone and choose the wrong person.

Be suspicious. You new boyfriend or girlfriend may have something to hide such as another relationship, kids or addiction. Whenever you suspect a secret, listen to your gut.