How to Attract Women Born Under the Sign of Scorpio

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Scorpio women were born under the mystery sign of the zodiac, according to leading astrology magazine Dell Horoscope. They are often known for being private people; therefore, it can be hard to know exactly what they want. Like all water signs, Scorpios are ruled by emotion and can be extraordinarily empathetic. As a fixed sign, according to astrologer April Elliott Kent, author of "The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology," Scorpios are protective of both themselves and their loved ones These women are passionate, intense, resourceful, courageous, and loyal. Should you attract a Scorpio woman, your bond with her is likely to transform you.


Scorpios can’t resist a little mystery. Anything that requires her to do some digging will capture her attention. Keep some parts of yourself hidden and keep her guessing, and expect her to do the same with you as well. Leave some element of surprise in your first date, perhaps by keeping the name of the restaurant a secret. Mystery theater, a night of film noir, or an underground prohibition-style bar are good places to ignite your flame with this woman.


Though mystery may intrigue her, outright lies are sure to make her disappear instantly. Scorpio women are interested above all in protecting themselves emotionally from others who might control them. If you are manipulative, she will not forgive you. It’s better to attract her by showing her that you’re trustworthy, even if you do keep a few mysterious tricks up your sleeve. She wants to build a deeply passionate relationship with a partner who will protect her.

Sex Appeal

Scorpio rules the eighth house of the zodiac: the house of intimacy, shared resources, sex, and death. Sex with a Scorpio woman will be intense, and never casual. This woman wants emotional intimacy above all else in a relationship. To attract her, show her that you are strong, trustworthy, powerful, and emotionally invested in her.


A potential partner who appears too comfortable and predictable will easily bore a Scorpio woman. Keep things interesting by never taking her on the same date twice. Surprise her with some unexpected, original adventures and she’ll reward you with her affection.

No Two Alike

Though the object of your affection’s sun sign may be in Scorpio, at the time when she was born, the zodiac was full of planets in other locations. Her Scorpio sun is an archetypal representation of her identity, but her natal chart holds much more information about her as an individual. No two Scorpios are exactly alike, so while many of the above strategies may appeal to the Scorpio woman who has caught your eye, it’s always best to become familiar with her unique personality.