How to Ask for a Girl's Number in Front of Her Friends

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Most men are terrified to approach a group of women, says dating confidence coach Adam LoDolce. Still, if you want to get a woman’s number while she’s hanging out with her friends, you’ll have to bite the bullet and approach the whole group.

Step 1

Make eye contact. Flirting with her from across the room shows her that you’re interested, and hopefully she’ll give you a sign of encouragement. A smile from her signifies roughly an 80 percent chance that she is willing to talk to you, says LoDolce in an interview for “Glamour Magazine."

Step 2

Talk to all of her friends. If you simply zero in on the woman you like and ignore her friends, she’ll think you’re rude and her friends will work fast to butt you out of the conversation. Talking to everyone in the group, though, shows that you’re friendly and polite. Being nice to everyone means that her friends will make positive comments once you’re gone, says dating coach David Wygant.

Step 3

Pull her aside to ask for her number. If you’re afraid that asking for her phone number in front of everyone could result in embarrassment, you’re probably right. So spare her from being put on the spot and ask for a moment with her, advises Wygant. When you ask for her phone number privately, you’ll get her honest answer.