How to Ask Your Boyfriend to Prom

If prom is coming up and you have a boyfriend, chances are the two of you can go together. There are potential complications that may make things more challenging, if your boyfriend is at college or you two have only been together for a short while. Maybe the obstacles in your case are especially unusual, but always remember, the worst he can say is "no."

Check your boyfriend's schedule. Make sure your boyfriend does not have another prior engagement on the day of prom. Pay special attention to this aspect, especially if your boyfriend goes to another school or is not in your high school class.

Choose the right time to invite your boyfriend to the prom. If your boyfriend is a morning person and you are not, you have to determine a compromise. Ask him if he’s free to hang out sometime after school, on the weekend or some other time when neither of you two are in a rush.

Select the location at which you can ask your boyfriend to the prom. You do not have to go all-out with a super romantic locale, which may be more intimidating than encouraging. Instead, choose a local casual spot that isn’t very crowded such as a nearby park or a special spot.

Relax and keep it brief. Use a short preamble like “You know, prom is coming up.” Then get to the question as soon as you can. You two are already dating, so you don’t need to justify why you’re asking him.

Wait to discuss further details such as dress color and transportation. Don't overwhelm your boyfriend by determining the details immediately.

See if the two of you can work around his schedule, if he cites a scheduling issue with going to prom. This is not a rejection to take personally, nor is this a time to coerce him into saying “yes.” Discuss the situation reasonably and hopefully something good will come out of it.