How to Apply For Food Stamps On-line

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Most states now allow you to apply for food stamps on-line. Over 15% of the United States population either is on food stamps, or can qualify for them. Below is a guide on what states allow you to apply on-line for food stamps, and how to apply online if you do qualify.

First you need to know if your state currently allows you to apply for food stamps online. The current states that allow you to apply online include California, Delaware, Nebraska, Florida, New Jersey, West Virginia, Georgia, Massachusetts, Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Washington, Iowa, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Kansas, Tennessee, Maryland and Texas.

If your state currently allows you to apply online for food stamps, go to the official website of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The direct link can be found under Resources.

Browse the page until the state you currently reside in.

Click on the box that says "Apply for Benefits." Then click on "Start a New Application for Food Stamps."

At this point you will now need to create an account. Once you have finished creating an account you can fill out you and your families information, then submit your information to see if you qualify for food stamps.

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