Appetizers That Adults & Kids Will Love

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When guests arrive at a party, they're likely to be hungry. Setting out satisfying and tasty appetizers will put both adults and children in a happy mood, and if you provide healthy appetizers guests won't ruin their appetites by filling up on junk food. Choose low fat and high-protein ingredients and add vegetables whenever possible.


Getting children to eat fruit can be a struggle, but making fruit more visually interesting can convince little ones to give it a try. Slice strawberries in half and spread them with a bit of low-fat cream cheese. Top the strawberry halves with blueberries, pineapple chunks, small pieces of graham crackers or a second strawberry half. Make a simple fruit dip by combining yogurt with fat-free whipped topping. Set out strawberries or slices of apples and pears for dipping.


Tucking vegetables into warm quesadilla triangles is an easy way to hide them from children, and quesadilla pieces are easy to enjoy while walking around and mingling. Spread a whole wheat tortilla creamy fiesta dressing and add beans, roasted peppers, corn and low-fat cheese. Include shredded chicken or beef for a more substantial appetizer and place a second wheat tortilla on top. Sautee the quesadilla on each side until the cheese melts, remove from heat and cut each one into triangles. Serve the triangles plain, or set out bowls with salsa, creamy ranch dip and sour cream for dipping.


Tarts packed with vegetables are grown-up enough for adults to love, and a colorful bite-sized tart looks cute enough for children to appreciate. Place small pieces of phyllo dough or puff pastry in individual muffin tins and bake them until they're browned. Spread pesto or peppercorn dressing on each piece and arrange grilled slices of squash and eggplant on top. Add a fresh slice of tomato on top of each miniature tartlet. Some children may be too picky for pesto or peppercorns, so make a few tarts without it.


Nachos have a reputation for being laden with fat and salt, but preparing each chip yourself means you can guarantee they're both healthy and tasty enough for kids and adults to love. Make your own baked chips by slicing whole wheat tortillas and baking them until they're crispy. Spread fat-free refried beans on each chip and sprinkle on chopped tomatoes and a bit of low-fat shredded cheese. Bake the chips until the cheese melts. Arrange a bit of chopped lettuce and creamy dressing, chunky salsa or homemade pico de gallo on top of each chip before serving them.