Adaptive Devices to Hook Bras

by Lexi Sorenson ; Updated September 28, 2017

For many people, putting on a bra is not a straightforward process.

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Certain medical conditions, such as arthritis or loss of a limb, make it difficult to fasten a bra. Try fastening the bra around your middle, then turning it around and putting your arms through it. If this adaptive method does not work, however, an adaptive device might be necessary for a person to dress independently.

Buckingham Bra Angel

The Bra Angel, which looks like a thin, white necktie, hangs around the neck and assists a user by bringing both ends of a bra together. With one end of the bra held in place by the device, a user can easily bring the other end around to attach it. This device is retractable for easy, discreet storage, and works with most types of bras.

Easy-To-Fasten Bras

Specialized bras are designed for easy closure for people who cannot easily close regular bras. These bras feature a front closure. Some versions feature larger versions of the standard bra hooks and clasps, and others simply have a fabric hook-and-loop fastener. Often, these innovative bras use a combination of both types of front closures for extra security.

Dressing Stick

A dressing stick assists in pulling up zippers or putting on clothes. It features a long shaft to help reach, and sometimes has different-sized hooks for different purposes. For an individual restricted to a single arm, a dressing stick -- in combination with a mirror -- assist in bringing one side of the bra around without needing to reach.

Bra Extension

Usually, back-fastening bras only feature a double or triple layer of hooks, but attaching a bra extender instantly increases the number of hooks available. More hooks makes bra fastening a less precise maneuver. For easier fastening, choose a bra extension featuring larger-sized hooks.

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