Activities for the 10 Commandments for Children

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Teaching the Ten Commandments is a very common activity in Christian schools and Sunday schools. Because there are 10 commandments, it can take a while to get children to remember them, especially if you want them remembered in order. Activities and crafts give children a way to have fun while learning about the commandments. There are numerous activities, and you can pick one or several to help teach children about the Ten Commandments.

Weekly Crafts

If you are teaching a commandment each week for 10 weeks, these crafts will encourage children to come back each week to see what the new craft will be. The Ten Commandments Train is an easy craft for teacher and child. Cut out, or use die cuts, of a train. Get an engine and a caboose, then have 10 railroad cars for each child. Print a different commandment on each car. The first week you teach about the Ten Commandments, give the child the engine and car with the first commandment. The next week, give out the car with the second commandment, and so on. Allow the child to put the wheels on the railroad cars and decorate it as desired. Encourage the child to put it up at home to look at throughout the week. A song that goes along with the Ten Commandments is perfect to teach on a commandment-by-commandment basis. At the end of the lessons, you will have learned each verse. It can be found on the Garden of Praise website.

Coloring Pages

Numerous coloring pages can be found online to coincide with the Ten Commandments. Many show pictures of Moses holding the tablets that the Ten Commandments were written on, but you can also find pictures that show just the tablet with the commandments. If you have a knack for drawing, you can draw a picture of the Ten Commandments in any way you like. Make enough copies for all the children. Some people like to make the numbers represent the commandment in some form, such as making the number 3 look like lips to represent not taking the Lord's name in vain. You can draw a different picture for each lesson and let the children color it.

Craft Activities

Crafts are good activities to reiterate what you are teaching. Consider having each child make a set of tablets with the Ten Commandments. Make enough copies of the tablets so that each child gets one. After ripping the edges and crumpling the papers to make them look worn, dip them in a tea and water solution to make them brown. Spread them flat and allow them to dry. They may need to be left overnight. Children and their parents will be impressed with the way they look. Check out the book "Hand Commands: The Ten Commandments for Little Ones" by Ann Dunagan. Using hand motions, you can teach the children all Ten Commandments. After the lesson series is over, put on a short show for parents or students in other classes to show them what the children have learned.