Active Ingredients in Pink Lotion

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Pink lotion, or Luster’s Pink Oil Moisturizer hair lotion, is a hair product that has been around for years. The effectiveness of the moisturizer is debated due to the ingredients in the product. Due to the oils in the pink lotion, it is a good product for those that have dry hair. It should not be used on hair that is treated or relaxed, however, because it does not allow enough moisture into the hair shaft to deal with the damage the relaxants or treatments can cause.

Deionized Water

Like most hair products, the main ingredient found in pink lotion is water. Water is the base of the product and allows the product to maintain its liquid form. Due to the water in the product, shaking is required before use to ensure the product is well mixed.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is used in a variety of hair products, including pink lotion. Mineral oil is not shown to help hair. While it is not oily when compared to other oil types, mineral oils are not helpful in maintaining hair health because it cannot penetrate the hair shaft.


Lanolin is a type of oil that is produced by sheep. It helps hair retain moisture and very good for curly hair. However, lanolin should not be used in large amounts in any hair type due to its tendency to weigh hair down.


Beeswax is not harmful to hair and in fact is used as a hair product by itself. Beeswax clings to hair and is difficult to remove due to its sticky nature. It is sometimes used for hair sculpting, especially in the case of dreadlocks.

Petrolatum Sodium Benzoate

Petrolatum is found in pink lotion and can concern some, but the purpose of petrolatum in pink lotion is moisture retention. Since petrolatum floats on water, it prevents loss of moisture in the hair due to evaporation.