About Male Thongs


Male thongs have been the object of much ridicule over the years. They come in many forms and fashions, and often are thought to be a bit silly looking at best, and a major vanity at worst. However, there are many benefits to wearing a male thong, and it you are considering making this underwear switch, it's good to understand all the pros and cons of a male thong before committing to this somewhat exotic style.


The male thong is designed in a similar fashion to the more common and popular female thong. It has a strip of cloth that runs up the back, and a pouch in front for the genitalia. Male thongs are designed to hold the genitals close to the body, preventing swaying and swinging. They also can make the entire area appear larger and more robust than it may be in reality.


Male thongs are designed to fit snugly, but they should not cramp or squeeze their contents. Due to their somewhat exotic nature, male thongs often have bright designs and are designed to be shown off. They also tend to sit slightly higher on the hips than boxers or more traditional briefs.


Male thongs come in a wide variety of types. Some have a fairly thick piece of cloth in the back, and others simply rely on a thin piece of string to hold them in place. Novelty thongs may have elephant trunks, tiny tuxedos or other decorations on them to make them more like a costume. Some male thongs actually are intended to be swimwear rather than underwear, and are lined for additional protection and support.


Many men find male thongs to be more comfortable than they expected. Because a properly fitting thong prevents swinging and protects the genital area, they can be quite beneficial if you are active on a daily basis. Furthermore, the design of a thong by nature accentuates the roundness of the buttocks, which gives the rear a perky, muscular look that many men and women find appealing.


Lots of people think that male thongs are largely intended for use in the bedroom or by the segment of the male population that engage in exotic dancing displays. However, male thongs are actually quite common and are sold inexpensively in most retail stores. You do not need to be an exhibitionist in order to enjoy the comforts and advantages of a male thong.


There are public places that may deem a male thong inappropriate. Some beaches prohibit them, as do many exclusive clubs such as neighborhood country clubs and poolside apartment communities. Always make sure that you have the right to wear your male thong before you don it in public, and bring an alternative if you are not sure.