5 Veggies You Should Grill Before the End of Summer


Before you know it, you'll be trading in beach nights for movie nights and salads for soups — summer is ending, and it's almost time for fall. The coziness of autumn always sneaks up on you faster than expected, and while you might be ready for scarves and sweaters, it's much harder to give up your outdoor grill. Summer is filled with vibrant produce, so before bidding farewell to the season, here are five veggies that you should throw on the grill at least one more time.

Conquer Your Beet-Cooking Fears

How often have you ordered beets because they seem too labor-intensive to cook yourself? In reality, it's quite simple to roast fresh beets on the grill or in the oven, and you'll get a roasty sweetness out of them that you'd think only the pros can accomplish. For their healthy versatility and summery sweetness, beets easily make the cut for one of your must-grill veggies before summer ends.

Jennifer Farley

Yes, You Can Make a Meal Out of Mushrooms

Whether made into a vegetarian burger or served up as an easy appetizer, portobello mushrooms are summer's juicy life-of-the-party veggies. Learn how to grill portobello mushrooms perfectly to bring out that deliciously savory flavor as many times as you can before the season's end.

Gina Matsoukas

Savor the Smoky Flavor in Asparagus

It's true that asparagus is one of those versatile vegetables that always tastes great as a side dish. But grilling it gives asparagus a lightly crispy, ultra smoky flavor that you'll surely miss come fall.

Jennifer Farley

Eat Fries That are Smoky and Sweet

While we're on the subject of smoky, let's throw some sweet into the mix. Sweet potatoes, while certain to bring plenty of heartiness to your fall meals, make their sweetness well-known to the summer grill. Grill sweet potatoes to make them into crispy fries with a smoky finish — they'll go great with a classic burger.

Jennifer Farley

Give Eggplant Another Chance to Shine

Eggplant can be a divisive veggie when cooked in certain ways, but almost everyone loves it when grilled to juicy perfection. You can enjoy grilled eggplant discs on their own or made into a tasty and unique caprese appetizer. Either way, you'll be glad you chose eggplant as one of your end-of-summer veggies to grill before your kitchen counter is covered in pumpkins and pies.

Sweet Caroline's Cooking