How to Deep Fry a Turkey Breast in Aluminum Foil

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If you have never deep fried turkey breast, try doing so by wrapping the breast in aluminum foil — leaving a juicy, tender interior and crispy exterior. For your first attempt, use turkey breasts instead of a whole turkey. This gives you room to mess up and start over without wasting much food. It may take several attempts to cook the turkey breast just right. Nonetheless, please remember that deep frying can be a tedious and dangerous task, therefore this recipe is not for the novice cook.


Place Cajun turkey seasoning, garlic, rosemary leaves, salt and peeled and lemons into a blender. Use the grind feature on your blender to grind the ingredients finely.

Place the turkey breast into a casserole cooking pan. Pour the blended mixture into a cooking injector. Use the cooking injector to inject the blended mixture into the middle of the turkey breast. Be sure to keep the blended mixture from touching the outside of the breast. Rub more Cajun turkey seasoning or salt on the outside of the turkey breast, if you desire.

Wrap the turkey breast in two layers of heavy duty aluminum foil. Place a deep, large cooking pot onto a outdoor fryer safely situated outside, a few yards from any building. Fill a cooking pot up to two-thirds full of cooking oil.

Clip a cooking thermometer onto the side of the pot. Turn the deep fryer on and use medium to high heat to cook the turkey breast. Allow the temperature of the oil to rise up to and no more than 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Place the turkey breast into the hot oil — extremely slowly — after it has reached the desired temperature. To be safe, use very long cooking tongs to do this. Cook the turkey breast for five minutes per pound or 15 minutes total.

Turn the fryer off. Clean the previously used casserole dish. Carefully remove the turkey breast from the oil and place it into the clean casserole dish. Allow it to cool for at least half an hour before serving.