How to Cook Marinated Beef Back Ribs

BBQ Roast Baby Back Pork Ribs Close-up On Hot  Grill

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Marinating beef back ribs imparts flavor and moisture into the meat. This helps keep meat tender and provides subtle hints of flavor when consuming. Some barbecue enthusiasts will say the only way to cook ribs is on the grill. You can marinate and cook ribs in an oven or in a slow cookers as well. The process of "low and slow" is a common thread in all. "Low and slow" refers to cooking meat at low temperatures for longer periods of time.

Smoking On A Grill

Marinate the ribs in the refrigerator for two to 24 hours. Pull the ribs out of the refrigerator at least one hour prior to cooking so they warm room temperature.

Set the grill for indirect cooking. Indirect cooking has flames in one area and cooks the meat in a section away from direct flames. For example, set the left side on "Medium-Low" heat with the right side without flames. With the lid closed, the internal heat should reach approximately 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

Set wood chips over charcoals for a smokey flavor. Mesquite or hickory are popular woods. Place a water pan with 1/2 inch of water under the section without flames.

Set the ribs on the side of the grill away from the flames. Close the lid.

Cook for three to six hours. After 2.5 hours, check the internal temperature with a meat thermometer. Beef is safely cooked at 165 degrees. Brush with reserve marinade every hour.

Baste with barbecue sauce, if desired, in the last 15 to 30 minutes of cooking. Putting barbecue sauce on earlier causes the sugars to burn, creating a black crust.

Oven Roasted

Take the ribs out of the refrigerator to warm to room temperature for approximately one hour prior to cooking.

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

Set the ribs on a roasting rack over a pan to collect drippings.

Place ribs in oven, cooking for one to two hours. Baste every 30 minutes with any reserve marinade.

Check the internal temperature with a meat thermometer to make sure they are at least 165 degrees. Place the thermometer in the meaty part between the middle ribs.

Slow Cooker Marinated Ribs

Allow the ribs to marinate overnight in the refrigerator overnight. Pull ribs out of the refrigerator an hour before cooking. Cut the ribs to smaller sizes that will fit in the slow cooker.

Spray the inside of the slow cooker with non-stick cooking spray.

Set ribs in the slow cooker and pour any extra marinade over the ribs, covering them completely.

Cover the slow-cooker and set to "High" heat. Cook for approximately six hours until the meat is tender. Turn occasionally to baste the meat in the cooking marinade. Insert a meat thermometer to ensure safely cooked ribs.