How to Marinate Chicken Wings in Soy Sauce

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Create an Asian-inspired appetizer for your next party or family dinner by marinating chicken wings in soy sauce. Soy sauce imparts a salty flavor that pairs well with cold beer or Japanese sake. You can reduce the saltiness by cutting the soy sauce marinade with another liquid, such as water or chicken broth. Marinate the chicken wings long enough to let the flavors absorb into the meat. You can also prepare a separate sauce for pouring over the wings when they are finished cooking.

Cut off the tips of the chicken wings with a pair of sharp, clean kitchen shears. Dispose of the wing tips.

Place the chicken wings in a shallow container or bowl.

Pour 1 cup of soy sauce over the chicken wings.

Pour 1 cup of another liquid into the bowl if you wish to lessen the saltiness from the soy sauce. Choose from such options as chicken broth, white wine or water.

Mix the chicken wings around with your hands, until the soy sauce marinade is completely covering all the wings.

Cover the container with a lid or plastic wrap, and place the container in the refrigerator.

Allow the chicken wings to marinate for at least 1 hour, or overnight.

Pour the soy sauce off the chicken wings before cooking them.